# Hashtag #


# ALL Lives matter #

6 thoughts on “# Hashtag #

  1. I want to first recognize that the intent of your message is one of love and respect. However (I know you are groaning about now), “All Lives Matter” is a bit of a trigger for me. For many it is used as a way of countering or even worse mocking, the phrase “Black Lives Matter.” Some time back I read something that I will try to recall as best we can. Forget race, and let’s just look at the acknowledgement one may give a veteran like, “Thank you for your service.” No one questions this phrase. No one interprets it as meaning non-vets don’t serve our community, or that non-vets aren’t deserving of thanks. No non-vet says, “Hey, what about my service as a teacher (or scientist, or mechanic, or whatever). Not one person thinks that because we all recognize the unique sacrifice that goes with military service. Now, consider the phrase, “Black Lives Matter.” Many people (not all, so if not you, thank you), react to that as meaning non-black lives don’t matter. It ignores the unique (understatement) challenges with being black. In many aspects of society (law enforcement especially), it has got so bad that a simple reminder that yes, black lives matter, is important to all of us to remember. Even non-blacks, like me. I am not saying “how dare your” or taking offense to the intent of “All Lives Matter.” It’s a great sentiment. While the intent here was wholesome and loving, I am asking that we consider the implications and inferences of repurposing the Black Lives Matter slogan. I prefer “Everybody love Everybody!”

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    • Thank you for recognizing my intent. I totally agree with you, I guess I don’t count skin colour, religion or culture when I regard a life, none of that matters, and I totally understand where you’re coming from πŸ™‚. Also being in NZ may be very different too, our police don’t carry firearms, no one’s bombed anything here (maybe they feel bad as we’ve had so many earthquakes!!) I’m so glad you commented and really appreciate you understanding… Furry, scaley and feathered lives included 😊 apologies for any offence too, certainly not intended


      • none taken. being in Texas there is a lot of ignorant white-angst against the BLM phrase, so it has become a bit of a trigger for me. In your case it was clear the intent was positive and pure. I was compelled to share the potential unintended consequence of it being interpreted otherwise. I actually bought some merch (the hoodie and the t-shirt) from this site: https://everybodyloveeverybody.net/

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      • Oh I love that! πŸ˜€Thank you I will be visiting it! πŸ€— It’s very interesting to hear others perspectives and I’m sorry there are so many ignoramuses in the world. We must just keep spreading Love! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’ž

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